Away from all forms of intolerance and affiliations, we gathered and decided that we will be at the same distance from all (Libyan Basketball Federation – The Clubs – The Ministry of Youth and Sports).  Our slogan is ‘Honesty and Transparency’ and working for establishing the right foundation for the game of basketball in alignment with the goals of the new Libya.

As a result of the absence of a clear strategy for sports in Libya and the lack of and weakness of previous programs, there should be an effort to pinpoint the challenges and problems that face basketball in Libya.  Furthermore there should be an effort in offering plans and solutions to existing problems in accordance with clear priorities and stages.

The Goals of the Group

  • Contributing in implementing the right foundations to elevate the status of the game of basketball in management and infrastructure.
  • Giving consultations to improve the performance of coaches, managers, referees etc.
  • Supporting the youth and sports sector and the Olympic committee with what its needs in terms of studies, research, and consultations.
  • Looking at the negative legacies and propose ways to solve them and help in bringing back the fans of the game.
  • Spreading of the values of transparency and decency.

To accomplish these goals the group is working on:

  • Organization of workshops and conferences.
  • Offering consultations in cooperation with the basketballs clubs and fans.
  • Collaborating with relevant institutions and organizations in order to improve the game.


Vision for Group of Basketball Friends

Strive to be the most important institution for the Libyan mean game of basketball on both domestic and international.

Our Message

Foundation takes care of providing advisory services to the Olympic Committee, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Libyan Basketball Federation, clubs, and the education sector stages. Through a group of highly qualified and know the requirements of the game for basketball and thus contribute to raising the level of the game and building individuals, society and the nation.

Core values

  • Contact world Schools in Basketball and communicate with them.
  • Integrity and transparency in every step taken.
  • Teamwork between all the committees of the Association.

Strategic objective

  • Contribute to the development Career Level for those interested in the Basketball and providing them administrative with technical skills basic and advanced, it has become the presence of people with managerial skills in addition to the sports experience required to achieve success and excellence in the field of game.
  • The knowledge and requirements through direct contact with field visits to specialists in the game until the clubs have good recommendations from the Association to get acceptance.
  • Scientific basis in the preparation of substantive (training sessions-league plans).
  • Gain the confidence of the clubs in the counseling that help the Association to play the roles.
  • Contribute to the support of scientific research in the areas of (Sport Management – Sport Medicine – Higher Education in the area of ​​the game).


Strengths: Having previous experience in the field for the game of    (Arbitration – Training – management – supervision Basketball)

Weaknesses: lack of resources and funding


the enthusiasm and  desire of the members for the Group to development and renewal after the success of the revolution of February,17 in the country’s liberation , and the enthusiasm of the world to contribute to the reconstruction of Libya and help them become democratic


lack of knowledge of prior administrations as well as the clubs awaited Olympic Committee.